Who is TORA?

Great question you may ask.
TORA is a simple abbreviation of the owners names Toni and Rach TO + RA.
Mother Daughter Duo who have been working together since 2016, and now are at the start of a new adventure which we are both extremely excited for!
TORA Gardens.
We live 7 hours apart yet I see my mum every single day. She is my boss and without fail we face time every day, so she doesn't feel that far away. Together we run four clothing/homeware stores across New Zealand which does keep us busy. But with similar minds we have started exploring the other opportunities the world has to offer us, which brings us to TORA Gardens 🌱
We are very excited to create a community and find the best gardening products which will make any gardeners life a little bit easier. We hope that through this new adventure we can make friends, learn even more about gardening and help grow all of our gardens together 😊
Feel free to follow along with mine and Rach's journeys as we grow our gardens together with yours. 


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